Question About Resolution Independence

Rolf Kocherhans rolf.kocherhans at
Sun Feb 7 09:18:21 EST 2016

I am experimenting with "Resolution Independence" and different screen
sizes for developing on the mobile platform (iOS).

When I set "iPod,iPhone,iPad" in the "Build for" settings in the "Standalone
Application Settings" I always get an 1X or 2X at the bottom/right of a real
iPad (with Retina display).

Why is this so, normally I get these (1X or 2X) only if an app is not programmed
for iPad to enlarge the screen to full size - right ?

But my stack has a size of 1025*768 and I have checket the correct
„Build for setting“…. ?

I get the „1X" also when I just Build for iPad ?!

Any idea ?

Cheers Rolf

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