HTML5 "Features" Library Substacks and "send ### in time"

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Sun Feb 7 08:38:43 EST 2016


[1] Firefox does NOT work any more since version 44.0 with
LC's HTML5-standalones. Sadly, because Firefox was up to
5 times faster with the standalones (with loading AND playing)
than other browsers.
ALL standalones are affected, no matter the dp version.
This is reported at Bugzilla at Mozilla, they really try to help us.
If I read that correct, it is even planned for Firefox 47.0 to
implement some backward-compatibilty.
Peter B. will 'repair' that from LC's side soon (8.0.0-dp15), you
then simply have to recompile your projects with the new version.

[2] LC 8.0.0-dp14 has with my tests a speed loss by factor of up
to 10 compared to dp9. [Will report in detail to QC tomorrow].
Hope your results are better. Please tell us.

[3] In general to HTML5:

PeterB. and the dev team is really working hard on all the nasty
detailed problems (you can see that immediately when reading at with the HTML5-standalone builder.

==> There is an own HTML5-Subforum <===
Peter B. comes in regularly there and gave already a lot of
valuable information, nothing is unanswered until now.

For example the BIG problem of **implementing 'wait' or not**
is discussed at large there (and was already shortly discussed


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