HTML5 "Features" Library Substacks and "send ### in time"

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Feb 6 20:59:03 EST 2016

Yikes… ! I just read this today… after seeing the newsletter and then looking in the guide in LC 8 dp 14

"The HTML5 engine in this release of LiveCode has a limited range of features. You can:

deploy single-stack applications with embedded resources"

BR: Does this mean you cannot include a libraty stack such as Animation Engine?

"Two important unsupported features are unlikely to be added in the near future:

operations that need to pause the script while something happens (e.g. wait 10)"

BR: Ouch! no “wait” ? OK, all is fair in love and war and if “wait” is a performance beast, so be it.

But will html5 support  “send in time?

send “scene1Scenario2” to this card in 2 second?


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