snapshot and animation capture

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Sat Feb 6 11:09:01 EST 2016

[Fits best into that thread, better than creating a new one]

Here another community stack, mainly prepared for Raspi,
but works (much faster, of course) also on Mac/Win/Linux.

The stack is a resizable transparent window-masked stack.

= Choose shapes to be created on-the-fly from menu:
... Rectangle, Oval and N-polygons (regular, 3<=N).
= Resizing is possible also non-proportional.
= Screenshots are done from the shape, i.e. if you use an
... oval you get the inner transparent part from screen and
... the frame of the image is your oval.

Simple rectangle shots are fast (impressing LC-features).
Shaped shots need much more time, incl. creating and saving
image, on a medium fast machine (Mac mini, 2.5 GHz) 800 ms
and 1800 ms on a Raspi2.
(Of course this is dependent of image size, the times are
averaged over sizes, the average size is 600x400 px.)

For the "shaped-shot" part I'm probably too complicated and
don't see the easy way.

If you know a tip or even have a better/faster method (that
works preferably on Mac/Win/Linux/Raspi) please come in to
Forum:Subforum Rich Media:Fast method for shaped screenshot?


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