Grab Me Fails on snapshot Images of fields which are transparent (opaque false)

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Feb 6 00:25:28 EST 2016

I have a puzzle widget that is made by importing a snapshot of a field with words in it, then we make a copy of that images and repeatedly crop to each word.

Now we have small image tiles.  Works great BUT

Problem: The original field has a transparent background. which I am hoping to keep. And unexpectedly, the snapshot of the field seems to include the alpha channel for the background which is set to transparent… so you *can* see through the images.

 If you put “grab me” into the 

on mousedown 
   grab me
end mousedown

script of the image tiles created by this method… you cannot grab the image — either with the pointer mouse tool on desktop or your finger on mobile— unless you are in contact with the pixels of the letters of the word. Even though the rect of the image includes areas above, below beyond and obviously in between the letters… if you contact any of those areas, you cannot drag, the image tile  

Am I wrong in thinking that the grab me message should be sent if you mousedown anywhere in the rect of the image?

I confirmed this by setting the field with a colored background, then making the tiles… now you can move them around by  easily no matter where your finger or mouse contacts the image.

work around of course is to set the background to the same color as the tiles… but what I really want is to be able to see through the tiles. 

If I wanted to test how would you do this: set the alpha channel of the background of these images to just a small value… they would still be semi-tranparent, but perhaps grabme would see them as “grabbable” throughout the entire rect?  How would you do that 



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