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Sat Feb 6 00:12:42 EST 2016

In the message box, execute: put the openStacks

You'll get a list of all currently open stacks, and you can use the
message box to set the location of the off-screen stack, like -- set
topLeft of stack "revNewScriptEditor 1" to 100,100

Alternatively, as a shameless plug, there's this:


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>What are the names of the IDE stacks? I'm trying to get the script editor
>back onto the screen because sometimes it randomly decides it doesn't want
>to be on the screen. I tried stack "script editor" and stack "code editor"
>in the message bar but neither can be found.
>This isn't the first time I've had to address one of the IDE's stacks in
>script. I think the last time was trying to set the colors of the
>ask/answer popups, which I think I might have found in a tutorial, or just
>guessed at based on what they were probably called.
>Is there a way to lookup that information?
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