Release 8.0 DP 14

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Fri Feb 5 22:14:24 EST 2016

At first, I've got to say I was thoroughly underwhelmed... but then
discovered I hadn't updated at all.

I normally always use the link provided to grab the download but for some
reason this time I just used the 'Check for Updates' in the Help menu. I
should have realised something was up when the Installer didn't ask me
where I wanted to Install to - I always install to My Applications folder
not the All User Application folder.

I don't see a need to clutter the QCC, just be aware that at least on OS X
dp 13 the Check for Updates points to the wrong file and you are better off
grabbing the dp 14 file directly.

Having got dp14... wow, awesome, the changes are immediately apparent. The
Dictionary is useable! It's like Christmas has come again.

So thankful for those many talented people at the matriarchal maritime
transportation vessel establishment (not wishing to offend Peter ;-) who
have spent so much time learning impenetrable, cryptic and downright
cantankerous foreign languages (C++, Objective C, Apple iOS app submission
requirements...) so that I don't have to and all they ask in return is that
any time I've got a bit of a grumble is click a Bookmark and fill out an
online form. Seems terribly one sided, but OK.

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