calling Livecode from other languages

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Fri Feb 5 17:16:28 EST 2016

On 02/05/2016 01:01 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

>  > Another way is to set the visible of the stack to false. Another way
>  > is to set the location of the stack to somewhere off screen.
> With all due respect to Mr. Wieder, I never use that option.  One of the
> great things about running LC facelessly is the blinding boot speed, but
> when it needs to init the UI stuff it takes much longer. Launching from
> the command line with -ui bypasses the UI init, but simply hiding it
> makes for a normal GUI init process.
> If the process will stay resident the time difference probably doesn't
> matter, but when using standalones in a time-sensitive context such as
> CGI (where the engine is launched, runs, and dies with each request)
> it'll matter more.

Yep. Good point.

For my purposes, the startup time is not noticeable and pales in 
comparison with the sluggishness of communicating with the QuickBooks 
application. LC is in the mix because of the ease of creating and 
parsing xml trees. This would have been a nightmare in C++.

Do note, however, that I could still use the -ui commandline option 
along with hiding the stack during startup to take advantage of the 
shorter boot time if needed.

  Mark Wieder
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