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Fri Feb 5 17:00:11 EST 2016

That may be easier said than done considering as far as I can tell from following progress at the moment there's no IDE only team. Instead there appears to be variable degrees of input between the engine and the IDE from the whole team. While it's relatively easy to do what you are suggesting for IDE only if you are jumping between LiveCode and C++ IDEs it might be a significant hit to productivity. It might be easier to designate platform specialists on the team and ensure the platform specialists spend a solid chunk of the week on the IDE.

The other side of this issue of course is that OS X can test 4 out of 6 platforms while Windows and Linux can test 3.



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> On 6 Feb 2016, at 3:38 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> IMNSHO I believe it would be helpful for the LC IDE team to adopt a workflow in which one full day each week is spent entirely in a platform other than the one they personally prefer.  So for an OS X fan that would mean three days of the week with the Mac they love, but one full day immersed in Windows and another full day immersed in Linux.

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