Release 8.0 DP 14

Ali Lloyd ali.lloyd at
Thu Feb 4 08:49:12 EST 2016

Dear list members,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 8.0 DP 14.

Warning: this is not a stable release. Please ensure you back up your
stacks before testing them.

*IMPORTANT*: It is especially vital that you back up your stacks before
testing them in 8.0 DP 14, as there has been a change to the save
command in DP 13. The IDE has been updated to accommodate this change,
but we strongly recommend making back-ups in case there is unforeseen data

*IMPORTANT*: Your stacks may appear different on first opening in 8.0 DP
14, due to the improvement in theming for desktop OSs as described below.
The theming can be reverted to legacy on a per-object basis using the new
*theme* property. For more information, see the release notes.

*Release contents*

*Better Desktop Theming*
The default appearance of stacks on desktop platforms has been updated to
closely match the appearance of native apps.

*Script Editor Performance*
The script editor's performance with large scripts has been improved.

*Unicode Text Performance*
The engine's core unicode text processing functions have been sped up by
approximately 25%.

*HTML5 Engine Performane*
The performance of the HTML5 engine has been restored to its former
standard by removing the blocking syntax which was added in DP 13.

*Menubar Icons*
The menubar icons have been revamped, including high-res versions for
retina displays.

*Project Browser Selected Object*
The selected object is now indicated in the project browser by a dotted

*50 bug fixes*

*Known Issues*
- Windows 10 theming causes display issues with the dictionary, script
editor and
property inspector.
- Cef Browser (and therefore the dictionary and browser widget) does not
currently work on 32-bit Linux
- HTML 5 standalones do not currently function when they contain extensions
with dependencies.

*Getting the release*
You can get the release at

LiveCode 8 is still in development so we’d love to hear any
feedback you have on it. There are a number of features that we’d like to
implement but aren’t ready yet and the existing features are subject to
change during development - we can’t guarantee that extensions written in
Developer Previews will continue to work the same way in later versions.

Please report any bugs encountered on our Bugzilla at

We have a forum available for discussing LiveCode Builder at

The LiveCode Team

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