impossible datagrid trouble

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Feb 4 07:47:17 EST 2016

Hi all,

I have a datagrid of type form and its template group contains 
a group namded „meu“ which consists of:

graphic „one“
graphic „two“
graphic „three“
field „one“
field „two“
field „three“

Now in my behaviour script I can do:
put „one,two,three" into tGCs
repeat for each item i in tGCs

## Works:
 set the backgroundcolor of grc i of grp "meu" of me to 255,255,255

## Error: No such object?
hide fld i of grp "meu" of me
But the field(s) are defintiviely there!

I even let me answer all object names -> of grp „meu“ of me
and of course the fields are in that list!?

Quitting and restarting LC a couple of times did not bring any relief.
At some points I even get an error from some LC library with a handler name „movestack“???

Any clever hints?


Klaus Major
klaus at

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