Graphic effects - Feather Edges of Rects

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Feb 4 02:03:55 EST 2016

I'm guessing you guys want the final result to be rectangular and not
oval-shaped.  That's too bad because you could use a radial gradient using
a single color (i.e. white to white) in a graphic with the inner color set
to 100% transparent -- this makes a near-perfect mask but only in oval


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>>You can achieve a feather effect using multiple objects stacked on top of
>>each other, but then you have to ask is that worth doing.  If you have to
>>do anything with the set of objects, such as move it around or scale it,
>>then the effect is probably too much trouble, especially on mobile.
>This is how we did it‹using multiple graphic objects stacked. However, I
>used a gradient for each edge and used Outer Glow. I think it would be a
>lot of work to script this for general work but Brahmanathaswami seems to
>think it will be worthwhile to try it. I'm interested to see what he comes
>up with.

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