AW: How to create a hyperlink within a text field?

-hh hh at
Wed Feb 3 12:51:27 EST 2016


Bernd and I had once a long thread in the forum about selecting
text where we found *the selectedLoc* to be very useful.

Means here:
[1] When writing the chapters mark their offset in your text in a
separate list, one line per mark [or as metadata of each link].

[2] Then walk once through the text, select the offsets and denote
the wanted scroll based on the selectedLoc and the field's top
(you may even adjust to "centering" or "scroll-to-2nd-line" here).
Then add these scrolls to your list and lookup this list when
clicking the link [or add these scrolls to the metadata of each

If you resize the field or change the textsize/the textfont of
the field then simply update the list [or the metadata of each


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