How to create a hyperlink within a text field?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Feb 3 06:07:29 EST 2016


just not to invent the wheel again. I have a long text field with a table of
contents at the beginning and headlines for chapters and I would like to
make the table of content clickable as hyperlinks, so that the user is
forwarded to the wanted chapter in the same field.

I can set the textstyle of each chapter in the table of content to "link"
and handle the  click in "on linkClicked pLink", no problem about that.

The question is, how to handle the field scrolling to the wanted chapter
headline after clicking on the hyperlink. When using "find whole pLink in
the target", the find command finds first the chapter headline in the table
of content and stops at the top. I could cheat this, by doubleing the find
command, so that the second find command goes on searching and finds the
real chapter headline and scrolls the field to the wanted chapter.

But I think that there must be a more straight forward way to realize this
kind of hyperlink.






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