Using [ Control "SomeImageName" ] VS [image "SomeImageName"]

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Feb 1 23:51:00 EST 2016

I using some scripts lately where it seems convenient to do something like this:

global gCurrentHiddenControl, gCurrentShowingControl

# then:

command fadeOutCurrentControl pSpeed

   put (the blendlevel of control gCurrentShowingControl) +1 into tLevel

   set the blendlevel of control gCurrentShowingControl to tLevel

   if tLevel < 100 then

      send fadeOutCurrentControl to this stack in pSpeed ticks



   end if

end fadeOutCurrentControl

# OR (testing which is better… send in time or repeat loops

command revealWithBlendLevel, pSpeed,pIterations

   repeat pIterations times

      set the blendlevel of  control gCurrentHiddenControl to pIterations

      subtract 1 from pIterations

      wait pSpeed milliseconds

   end repeat

end revealWithBlendLevel

How much of hit on the processing time are we inducing by not specify the control type? Is it a trivial amount of extra time?  or is it seriously impacting performance… One never knows.

OTOH… Seeing Animation Engine’s method  which uses the long ID *AND* a specific control declaration.

 aeChangeRect the long ID of  img "stage-1_layer-1", tNewLocation,tMove1Speed,”out”

makes me wonder if using

control “someShortname” is maybe shooting  app performance in the foot



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