Ken Burn's Effect Library for Livecode

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Mon Feb 1 12:14:02 EST 2016

On January 31, 2016 at 12:51:18 PM, BNig (bernd.niggemann at<mailto:bernd.niggemann at>) wrote:
I like it! Have you thought about, for some of this, using those whiteboard animations? They seem to draw attention. And I’ve seen another type where a hand brings in symbols, one by one, as a narration continues. This might be more suitable for livecode. The animated drawing would have to have some kind of path that could be extracted from images or diagrams, probably svg paths. Might get complex, but then again, it would be generally useful to have that capability.


Yes, white board could very doable in LiveCode… I need to finish my tool box so I don’t have to code every move by hand… I’m getting close. things can get super complex very fast and this is all new to me… and putting all the code into the card script or stack script starts to becomes a snake pit.

So my current algorithm is: every object has custom props that store its “journey” these are just startsize and location, them Move1,Move2,Move3,Move4,Move5  with rects and speeds. ( I don’t envision a scene that moves a single object more than 5 times… though you could….)

Bujilding it becomes quite easy: object on screen.. move it resize it, snap… move it, resize it, snap, move it resize it , snap.. entering speeds as you go which you can tweak later after review.

then we have generic handlers that can trigger the journey of any object with call backs for “nextEvent”

 a new ball game for me and the learning curve on customProps, call backs, setting flags on and off etc. is keeping my little gray cells very green (sometimes red!)  AndI keep hitting performance issues and I’m not very experienced on optimization where the screen pixels are the issue. But learning that setting repeat loops where the target are pixels is not the same as if the target is text inside a variable. You can overwhelm the CPU…So we have to be willing to live inside the constraints.

But it’s fun and it’s working!

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