Ken Burn's Effect Library for Livecode

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Feb 1 11:58:14 EST 2016

On January 31, 2016 at 1:09:32 PM, Scott Rossi (scott at<mailto:scott at>) wrote:
My *untested* opinion is that getting an actual Ken Burns effect natively in
LC is going to be difficult, if not impossible. It would be great to see
someone pull this off. But to accomplish the actual slow/smooth 60fps
motion of the effect, I think you'd be better off using a browser object
along with a jquery/Javascript slider to move your images around -- there
are dozens of libraries/plugins out there.

I’m actually getting quite reasonable results using AnimationEngine’s aeScaleRect. It’s not as smooth as we might like in  professional video context, but it works in an 1200X900 stack here and also in my iPhone, actually better on my iPHone 6+ … I will post a link again to the stack in a few days… It’s a whole new world for me after years with my head buried in text/data/web code processes.  So code is probably worst possible practices, but it works.

 iPad mini performance… not so good…

I have to switch over to my Himalayan Academy Publications Production Manager “hat" here for a minute:

Keeping the production process down to “fast/doable” is a key component of the big picture strategy. If you have literally 100+ of modules  envisioned, and you go out to HTML5 for this… good luck with getting anything produced over a six month period of time.

I produced the in under 3 months with help from Jacqueline. This is LiveCode’s forte… I don’t see getting that kind of content out the door with HTML5, We have to be integrating tools, nav bar, text content, puzzles communications with API’s on the web server… all in the same environment/module. Someone recently tried to pitch Unity to me for this kind of thing. Forget it. You end up with 200 MB monsters.

We have another initiative in progress where were are hiring a developer in Belaruse at from eLance to create an html5  presentation and despite his incredible rates ($35.00/hr) it’s going to take a lot of time and $ just to get the simplest of presentations done.

If anyone knows of html5 IDE that have the same breadth and depth as LiveCode, I’m all ears. But for now I just dont’ see anything but LiveCode that has this kind of scope for getting things done quickly and with as little overhead as possible that can speak to the wide range of requirements.

 Maybe I am hopelessly blinded by my attachment to this toolbox, but we also have in house video production, Unity production, book production etc going on all around me and what come out of the development process / man hours… the ROI with LiveCode continues to beat anything I see going on.  If you just want to do video with voice over… sure… that’s easy… but not something with the interactivity people expect these days.

I just wish we could do

go stack URL “http://some module.livecode” on iOS….”

So hopefully LC —>  html5 will actually work soon...… so far I’m not seeing it though….

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