Richmond gets into drag

RM richmondmathewson at
Mon Feb 1 05:05:42 EST 2016

On 1.02.2016 11:53, [-hh] wrote:
> Richmond,
> 1. Can you "click through" the transparency to desktop on Linux? I couldn't manage that (what works on Mac/Win).
I've just tried that, and, no, I cannot.
> 2. Be aware of a nasty resize problem with Linux + LC6.
I'm using LC 7.1 (abandoned LC 6 when the stable version of 7.0 became 
> When you are done you could compare with a solution that's fast enough for Raspi (runs also, faster, on newer MacOS X, Win7-10, newer Ubuntu):
I'm not having a problem with my funny window shapes; what I am having a 
problem with
is how to drag my funny shape and resize the underlying stack.
> Shaped RaspiStack #2

Back on the above this evening.
> and please tell us your improvements.
> Hermann
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