Launching a subprocess under OSX?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Dec 29 14:44:26 EST 2016

On Windows, I can launch a subprocess using:

open process tHelperApp for text update

And I get a subprocess that does not appear as a separate running app to
the user. They do not see it appear in the task bar. There is no
apparent change to the running app that launched the helper. It just
shows up in task list if you bring up the task manager with CTRL-ALT-DEL
which is fine.

On OSX (10.9.5), both 'launch thelperApp' and 'open process tHelperApp
for text update' start the helper app but also brings it to the front
(active app - you can see its menu - only the Apple and App name default
menus) and it appears in the dock. This is undesirable.

Does any one know how to launch a real subprocess under OSX from
LiveCode that stay hidden or in the background at least?

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