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Mon Dec 26 10:04:02 EST 2016

The easy answer is to use a certificate from Let's Encrypt - 
certificates are free, on-rev can enable them and will renew them 

All you need to do is send an email to on-rev support and they will set 
it up for you (though obviously, this is the holidays so they may take a 
little while :-)

Here's a clip of an email I got from David while I was requesting it ...

> The way this works is that all sites under your account which are not 
> currently secured
> with a preexisting SSL certificate will be automatically set up with a 
> Let's Encrypt
> certificate. This process is entirely automated and does not require 
> any manual setup
> from yourself, and the certificates are automatically renewed when 
> they are about to
> expire.
> This can be set up for On-Rev accounts as well as Livecode Hosting 
> accounts. I can
> enable this for your account if you would like me to do so. 
One example I have is

Probably not relevant for you Tim, but it is possible, and advisable, to 
redirect all non-https URLs into the secure versions - though I have yet 
to do it myself.
A good guide - just ignore the hostM-specific parts - can be found at

-- Alex.

On 26/12/2016 13:29, Tim Selander wrote:
> Hi,
> I have on on-rev account on sage. Also use the Jimdo service, and put 
> iframes from on-rev with .lc scripts into the Jimdo pages.
> Now Jimdo is requiring all outside widgets, scripts, iframes, etc. to 
> come from secure (https) domains.
> Complete newbie on SSL... looking at Cpanel help pages was not too 
> helpful. Can anyone give a quick rundown of the process? Or point to a 
> tutorial for beginners?
> Many thanks
> Tim Selander
> Tokyo, Japan
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