Dave Kilroy dave at
Mon Dec 26 15:54:29 CET 2016

Basically, on a shared account such as on-rev offer you can’t install a SSL certificate without their help

I think LiveCode used to offer a service where they would help install a SSL certificate you had purchased elsewhere - but it may be they no longer do this as they now sell SSL certificates for on-rev at £101.12 - if you log in to your LiveCode account, click on ‘Hosting’ and then scroll down you should see it listed...

Also, free SSL certificates have been available for a while now from an organisation called LetsEncrypt - some providers (such as <>) will set up of these free SSL certificates as a client wants for no charge

Kind regards

> Hi, 
> I have on on-rev account on sage. Also use the Jimdo service, and put 
> iframes from on-rev with .lc scripts into the Jimdo pages. 
> Now Jimdo is requiring all outside widgets, scripts, iframes, etc. to 
> come from secure (https) domains. 
> Complete newbie on SSL... looking at Cpanel help pages was not too 
> helpful. Can anyone give a quick rundown of the process? Or point to a 
> tutorial for beginners? 
> Many thanks 
> Tim Selander 
> Tokyo, Japan 

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