Detect scroll activity (when LC is not frontmost)

Paul Dupuis paul at
Sun Dec 25 10:21:02 EST 2016

On 12/25/2016 10:05 AM, Terry Vogelaar wrote:
> So it starts to become clear that it might not be possible to do what I want. Although I hope to be wrong about that.

I think it is very unlikely you can do this in LC - without externals or
LCB widgets from "infinite Livecode".

The active mouse and keyboard drivers capture events from these devices
and pass that information to the operating system, which massages the
data and passed a higher level of events on to the active application,
which looks for such events and handles them. In the case of the
LiveCode engine - or any app built on the LC engine - that is executing
applicable messages for your scripts to handle.

Most productivity tracking software works by effectively inserting code
into where the device drivers meet the operating system, so that mouse
and keyboard events are captured by the productivity app's as well as
being sent by the OS to the active application as normal.

Using LCB and LC9.0 you might be able to write an LCB widget that does
this, but I am not familiar enough with current OSX APIs for event
capture or drivers under OSX to or the state of work in LC9.0 on
integrating OS API calls to say for sure.

You are unlikely to be able to do what you want in LiveCode script alone.

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