Problem with "delete button"

Tom Glod tom at
Sun Dec 18 17:35:24 EST 2016

i find livecode very quick at drawing controls..make sure you lock screen
and messages whenever you can.

test it out, you might be surprised at how well LC deals with objects.

invisible objects are excluded from renderer, so they really should not
effect the performance.

but what do i know....i could be wrong..I've pushed livecode in a few
different ways, but never done games.

On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 4:50 PM, pink <nabble at> wrote:

> so I've already submitted a bug report for this, but I am trying to find a
> work around in the meantime...
> I'm developing a turned based game, on each turn, new buttons get added to
> the board, and it some buttons will get removed. There in lies the problem,
> Livecode keeps crashing when I hit the "delete button xxx" command.
> So, the only work around I've come up with is to make the buttons
> invisible,
> however this means as the game goes on that there are going to be hundreds
> of invisible buttons cluttering the board.
> Will this have an effect on performance as the number of objects increases
> dramatically?
> is there another way to remove buttons besides "delete button"?
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