[OT: Slightly] "Standard" file extension for a preferences file?

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Mon Dec 12 11:49:58 EST 2016

So, the debate of the morning here is: Is there a standard or common
(most frequently used) convention for the file extension for a
preferences or options file that is common between Windows and OSX and
Linux? Or for that matter iOS and Android as well?

I've see .CFG [Configuration File] and .INI [Initialization File] or
.PRF [Preferences or Profile File] as well as the more common .TXT, or
.DAT. I have also see .prefs and .preferences in use.

I have also see a couple attempts are a "proprietary" extensions - for
example is a software products is called XYZ Writer, the preferences
file extension may be something like .xyzprefs.

What do people on the list use? Are there any standards or most common
conventions? Google didn't see to find anything for me that suggests
there are any standards.

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