Standalone on 10.6.8 Crash

Dan Friedman dan at
Sat Dec 10 17:05:10 EST 2016


Thanks for the advise.  I agree with you on all counts.  However, the computer I am working with can’t be updated… it’s a older Mac Mini (2004).  All I’ve read says 10.6.8 is the latest OS it can support.


> I'd wager that if you look through your Mac's crash logs you'd find 
> reference to a deprecated API.  Apple stopped patching 10.6.x a long 
> time ago.
> It may be tsNet expecting more recent APIs than what's offered on 
> 10.6.8.  You might try running libURL without it.  A couple weeks ago 
> here Panos suggested we can disable tsNet with:
>    dispatch "revUnloadLibrary" to stack "tsNetLibURL"
> But to be honest, a URL call requires an Internet connection, and an 
> unpatched OS is too dangerous to have connected to the Internet.
> The time may be better spent updating the OS than exploring workarounds 
> for Apple's old versions.

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