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Dave Kilroy dave at
Sat Dec 10 12:43:04 EST 2016

Well when I was a Visual Studio guy if you wanted any sort of a decent
installer you had to use 3rd party software

Making good Windows installers can be a big thing - and it used to be the
market leader product for this (this is about 8 years ago now) was
InstallShield and that was PRICEY! Like a couple of thousand pounds

There were and are of course many open source solutions such as Inno Setup
... but like I said earlier my particular favourite was Setup Builder...

Also, the typical scenario I came across was the devs would make something
shiny and then expect the guys with the relevant experience to knock up the
installer over the weekend - sometimes this was possible but often it
wouldn't be depending on what functionality was needed

So no, I don't expect LiveCode to include an installer and would prefer
Edinburgh spend time on developing other stuff instead

Kind regards


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Peter M. Brigham 
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