[ANN] XLSX Library ready for a test - Looking for testers

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 17:13:52 EST 2016

Dear LiveCode Users,

Last week some of you tested the capability of our XLSX library to
write a xlsx file readable by the existing apps and solutions
compatible with xlsx.

Thanks for all your positives feedbacks.

Today we are going far ahead with a more ambitious step by trying to
open your existing xlsx files with XLSX Library.

You can download the small application we created for helping in this
validation task:

Don't forget to read the notes we prepared for describing some
important concepts and how you can help by sending me the potential
errors each XLSX commands is capable to display.

Keep in mind this is just an alpha version. Even if nothing wrong
should happen, try to open only copies of your original files.

As our intention is not to bore the List with our tests, leave me a
comment or a private note in case you want to help with the coming
test: updating existing xlsx files. That way, I could notify you by a
direct email when we will have something ready to try.

I'm waiting for your feedbacks.


Best Regards,
Zryip TheSlug

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