Behaviors and the message path

mwieder ahsoftware at
Thu Dec 8 17:09:36 EST 2016

(Different Mark here, but...)

Yes, that's by design and explicitly to allow for overriding.
It's *very* useful, for example, for setting up default behavior in a
behavior script and then selectively overriding that in some, but not all,
the objects that use that behavior script.

The issue of script-local variables only being available in the behavior
script is also by design, and is consistent with the way script-local
variables work in any script. It also enforces the scope of encapsulated
data in the objects in the message path.

I don't see these as anomalies or inconsistencies, but as features that help
implement proper object-oriented behavior. Tim- what "problems" do you see
with the way this is implemented? Am I missing something?

 Mark Wieder
 ahsoftware at
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