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I started having "wait" issues starting with 6.6.2 rc4.

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Does "lock recent" before going next have any effect on the speed? It used

Phil Davis

On 12/7/16 8:56 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> A friend of mine has an app where some animations are done by flipping 
> through cards.  Speed is variable, set with a "wait <n> milliseconds"
> statement, so the user can view the sequence as quickly or slowly as 
> desired.
> In versions up through 6.x the speed was quite good, but in v7, 8, and
> 9 the speed drops below acceptability.
> We did some tests and oddly enough the problem doesn't seem to be with 
> card rendering:  when we comment out the "wait" statement speed is 
> pretty good. It's maybe a tad slower perceptibly, but still good 
> enough for the animation to be viewed meaningfully.
> But "wait 1 millisecons" or even "wait 0 milliseconds" takes FAR 
> longer in recent versions than in v6.
> He has no "...with messages" clause, so any extra time needed for the 
> event loop should not be a factor.
> Something seems amiss with the "wait" command itself.
> He's sending me his stack file so I can winnow it down to a good test 
> case, but in the meantime I wanted to ask here:
> Have any of you seen unusual delay with "wait" statements in versions 
> later than v6?

Phil Davis

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