AW: understanding on how to handle UTF-8 import/export

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Tue Dec 6 09:13:05 EST 2016

Thanks Peter, that works fine.
Perhaps you could add a cross reference in the docs at uniEncode/uniDecode
to textEncode/textDecode, that would have helped me.
I know, that there was written a lot about UTF-8 when it was released in
LC7, but if you don't need it at that time, it is hard to find the related
links later when you need it.

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On 06/12/2016 13:42, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> In my LC 6 programs I have uniEncoded and uniDecoded text when 
> exporting/importing text to an xml file via revXML.
> Now with LC 8 everything internal in LC is UTF-8 and since 
> uniDecode/uniEncode is deprecated my first thought was, that I could 
> straight export/import text from LC fields into an xml file 
> (encoding=UTF-8), without any special charset handling anymore. But 
> obviously this isn't the fact. Doing so, the text is corrupted in the 
> xml file (checking with an editor) and trying to import the file 
> again, fails with an import error regarding the encoding of the file. 
> Using my old mechanic with the deprecated functions 
> uniDecode/uniEncode still works fine, but I shouldn't use these functions

Hi Tiemo,

I think you have run into bug 18927 [1].

You can use the textEncode() function to encode strings to UTF-8 before
passing them to revXML commands.  For example:

     revXMLSetAttribute tTheTreeID,"root/node1", "myAttribute", \
           textEncode(the text of fld "Input","utf-8")

I hope that helps.



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