Is there a mapping table for all rawKeyUp Codes? No solution yet with LC 8

hh hh at
Mon Dec 5 17:27:21 EST 2016

Hi all. Yes that's the point:

*The keysDown* return the correct (hardware) keyCode.
Tiemo is right, there is a bug introduced around LC 8. From the dictionary:

"The keycodes returned by the keysDown function are the same as those
passed as parameters with the rawKeyDown and rawKeyUp messages."

That's not true (I tested with all latest versions of LC 8.1.1 and up and
Paul confirmed for some).
Thus we can possibly locate the bug: Apple changed his keyboard mapping
method around the introduction of LC 8 (it is no longer in easy accessible
files but in "layout bundles").

Was _the keysDown_ adjusted by the LC-team and _rawkeyDown/Up_ not?
Tiemo, you should definitely report this!?

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