[OT] unhosing .rev and .livecode files

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 21:46:01 EST 2016

Hi Richmond,

Glad to hear that you've been able to rescue most of your files. The
Data Rescue programme I use is imaginatively called 'Data Rescue' by
Prosoft. I don't think it would help in your case as I don't think the
Mac version can recover non-Mac HDs. The reason I mention it is that
it has a feature called 'FileIQ', so you drag a .livecode file onto
FileIQ, it then learns the structure of an LC file, then you can Start
Data Rescue to search all similar such files on a HD. I'm sure it
wouldn't be the only Disk Rescue programme that supported such a

Good luck.

PS. Every single LC stack I create, no matter how large, small,
trivial or world changing, sits in a suitably named folder within a
generic folder 'my stacks' which lives on my Google Drive. I have
plenty of back-up options (as covered by Richard) as I just can't
afford to loose a HD, but for reasons I can't explain, for LC Stacks I
feel it necessary to have quadruple redundancy back-up. Some one on
this List mentioned using Dropbox or Google Drive as a working
location for their stacks, and since following that advise I've been
most thankful. No fuss, no thought, works a treat.

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