live code seems to gratuitously unlock write permission for directories

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Fri Dec 2 13:55:58 EST 2016

On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 9:59 AM, Rick Harrison <harrison at>

> Ok, so it sounds like you are using an LC stack file.
> You are opening that LC stack from within LC
> so LC/macOS, (assuming your are on a Macintosh Computer),
> is going to update the “Date Modified” date because LC/you
> have touched the file.  That’s built into the OS and is
> deliberate.

Yes, but changing from mode 555 to 755 is not; that's livecode.   . . .

> What I do to protect myself from accidental saves is to
> always work with a copy of of the file or folder.  When I get onto
> my computer in the morning.  I first duplicate the stack
> file I want to work with.  I use version numbers which I
> create so I can keep track of which is the current version.
> Sometimes this is as simple as calling it LCStackNameV1
> or LCStackNameV2, V3, etc.  If I’m really want more
> information I might even include the date and/or time
> with that version number:  LCStackName120220161022AMV1

Mine are generally stackname.yymmddv.livecode, where v starts at the first
one, and goes on.

But here's a fit of cleverness that seems to work, although it relies on
the OS or user to clean /tmp from time to time:

*on* saveStackRequest

*--keep a copy of the stack*

*local* stkNm, bkNm

*put* the short name of this stack into stkNm


*--livecode's own stacks*

*case* char 1 to 3 of stkNm="Rev"

*case* stkNm="Message Box"

*pass* saveStackRequest


*case* stkNm begins with "dinfo_"

*case* stkNm begins with "dna_"

*case* stkNm begins with "out_"

*--never save these*



*--it must be a dh program stack*

*lock* messages

*save* this stack

*put* the seconds into bkNm

*convert* bkNm to dateItems

*put* char 3 to 4 of item 1 of bkNm \

& char -2 to -1 of ("0" & item 2 of bkNm) \

& char -2 to -1 of ("0" & item 3 of bkNm) \

& "." \

& char -2 to -1 of ("0" & item 4 of bkNm) \

& char -2 to -1 of ("0" & item 5 of bkNm) \

into bkNm

*set* the itemDel to "/"

*put* char 1 to -2 of item -1 of the long name of this stack & "." before

*put* "cp " & char 8 to -2 of the long name of this stack & " /tmp/" before

*unlock* messages

*get* shell(bkNm)


*end* *switch*

*end* saveStackRequest

So many more than time machine would do, and they go away in a couple of
days if not needed.

I also have a bmpVrsn routine to handle my major checkpoints through the
day (bump the v above)
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