tsNet docs/sample stacks

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at m-r-d.de
Thu Dec 1 11:10:10 EST 2016

There is at least one other stack available at that location

https://downloads.techstrategies.com.au/tsnet/sample_async_post.livecode <https://downloads.techstrategies.com.au/tsnet/sample_async_post.livecode>

And there was a sample stack from Neill Roger somewhere. I cannot find the URL anymore.

Will look over the weekend.

tsNet is so powerful, but there is definitively a need for more sample stacks.

> Am 01.12.2016 um 12:12 schrieb Ben Rubinstein <benr_mc at cogapp.com>:
> (I asked this at the end of a chain about email formatting libraries but I think it got lost.)
> When I asked that question, Matthias referenced this
> https://downloads.techstrategies.com.au/tsnet/LCMail.livecode
> which I didn't know about. Apart from entries in the dictionary, I've not found any documentation for tsNet; and I can't list the above directory to see if there are other sample stacks.
> Did I miss a post with handy pointers, in the great use-list bounce disaster?
> TIA,
> Ben
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