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Fri Apr 29 22:17:50 EDT 2016

Thank you for telling your story Francis! I can now see my tech 
beginnings were quite advanced - I began programming on an IBM 360 model 
30. Card readers were the only inputs, 32k of memory (2 16k 
partitions!), a console full of flashing lights, and two external hard 
drives - floor units, each about the size of a smaller washing machine, 
with removable platters no less! They could each hold a whopping 1.8 MB.

We've been blessed to see so much harnessing and transformation of tech 
in our times, but then I remember my "other mother" - the lady who was 
my next door neighbor from birth to when I moved away in 1970. She was 
born in 1912 (that's right, she'll be 104 this year!) and I spend time 
with her every summer. She has a Kindle and absolutely loves it. It's 
hard to digest her perspective on it all, even after talking with her 
about it.

Best -
Phil Davis

On 4/29/16 10:51 AM, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:
> Hi from Beautiful Brittany,
> It all depends on what you mean by "developer" :
> 1 - You write apps for your own use ?
> 2 - You sell your apps for money, or give them away to anyone who wants them ?
> 3 - You spent several years with a software house developing for them ?
> 4 - You create apps because you love turning problems into apps ?
> 5 - Your computer runs Window 3, and you don't use it any more
>       (but you did live some "developer "days !)
> For me, all but no. 5 are true ! I write apps (now using liveCode) every day,
> 'cos I always find a new reason that I didn't have yesterday.
> I wrote my first program (just curious) on an ICL computer at
> Liverpool University, in 1959 (or was it 1960 ?) My buddy ran it for me.
> My first real computer was an IBM 1401 (early 60's), where I moved
> from machine code through Assembler, to PL/1. Then I moved into
> "Data Transmission" which kept me rather busy until I retired.
> Then I started writing apps in earnest (on a daily basis, but for myself).
>   I've been writing (mostly) for fun since then.
> I am certainly not the oldest programmer/developer in the world,
> but I do my bit. I'm hitting 74 ..........
> -Francis
> "Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"
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