Nelly the Elephant

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri Apr 29 11:53:47 EDT 2016

packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus"

The Unicode Consortium's 8th set of specifications puts the Grantha
abugida between codePoints Hex 11300 and Hex 11374 (Decimal 70400 - 70516),
so when I do this in LiveCode 4.5:

set the useUnicode to true
set the unicodeText of fld "feeld" to numToChar(70406)

I get a dummy glyph.

When I "turn this on its head" like this:

set the useUnicode to true
put the charToNum of fld "nnn" into fld "mmm"

I get 4870.
So Livecode 4.5 is truncating the numbers by 12536.

So. moving along right swiftily to Lvecode 7.1.4

and set the text of fld "feeld" to numToCodepoint(70406)

the thing works.

Why am I bothering to point this out?

Well, first of all because the way Unicode improvements were wheeled out 
by the Livecode team
for LC 7 was obscurantist and difficult to understand, while what I just 
did showed the improvements
up instantly.


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