Clearing local variables

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Apr 29 11:24:39 EDT 2016

Mark Waddingham wrote:

 > On 2016-04-29 04:30, Kay C Lan wrote:
 >> Does that mean the 'Important' note in the LC 8 Dictionary entry for
 >> 'repeat' isn't so Important any more?
 > Yes! That note should probably be replaced by one which says you can
 > modify the target variable in the loop, but it won't have an effect
 > on what is being repeated over. (I'm sure there's a better way to
 > express that).

Thanks for chiming in on this, Mark.  This seems like a very useful 
change, and one that means fewer things a newcomer needs to learn.

In the rare cases where we might want to modify the string being 
traversed, does the "repeat with i = 1 to..." form still allow that?

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