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Tue Apr 26 13:53:02 EDT 2016

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > But, can we replicate all the “great-fast and reliable” features
 > of AV Foundation on
 > 1. iOS
 > 2. Android
 > 3. Windows desktop
 > 4. Linux desktop

As Kevin and other team members have noted here, the Windows AV 
replacement is well recognized as an immediate need and in development 
now.  From his note here on the 15th:

    We¹re actively working on an interim solution now and I¹ll
    aim to update you on what that looks like early next week.

We're only a few days past "next week", so hopefully he'll be able to 
chime in here with an update soon.

AV overhaul for OS X is already done, available in more recent builds of 
v6.x, also carried forward for 7.0 and 8.x.

AFAIK mobile is a whole different ballgame beyond the scope of the 
Kickstarter multimedia stretch goal.  If you have specific features you 
need on mobile that are not already available, perhaps those might make 
good candidate for Feature Exchange items.

This leaves only Linux in question, which as you know is a very 
important question for yours truly.

Given that Windows is the most important desktop platform and that 
Apple's abandonment of QT requires the LC team to take immediate action, 
I would imagine that the work being done for AV on that platform right 
now will be limited to Windows in order to deliver it ASAP.

That said, Linux is no longer a small market itself, and the Player 
control used to work there.  We can expect that will be restored as soon 
as practical.  My hope is that some of the work done with the OS X and 
Windows rewrites will benefit the work remaining for Linux to move that 
Kickstarter stretch goal into "Resolved-Fixed" status.

in the meantime, Alejandro and I have had some limited success using 
command line calls for simple video and audio playback on Linux.  If you 
have an immediate need for AV playback on Linux post a note here about 
what you want to do and perhaps we can help.  Most CLI APIs are very 
bare bones (no startTime, for example), but for straight 
play-from-the-beginning stuff they may be able to help get your Linux 
versions moving forward.

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