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Tue Apr 26 11:27:34 EDT 2016

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>AV Foundation, on the other hand, is great—fast and reliable.
>Peter Bogdanoff

But, can we replicate all the “great-fast and reliable” features of AV Foundation on 

1. iOS
2. Android
3. Windows desktop
4. Linux desktop

?? Yes I could do a lot of testing, but I’ve wasted time on this before…and am not holding my breath these days. Sticking with “play and stop” for now until the “Great Announcement” .

I have a use case coming up where I will be forced into the player control world. In particular, I’ll need to be able to 

A) stop the player and store the place/time on the timeline where the user ended, in some cross-session user settings or preferences file that will be available on a later re-boot-this app.

B) mark in and outpoints on audio/video files runtime that we can then Loop back to so the user can hear that part of the timeline over and over again (imagine learning to sing a song and one line has tricky lyrics you need to practice… so you offer a “looping kareoke” feature…)

There is some high demand for this among my user base.

I hope I can implement across all platforms, tomorrow and not in 2020.

Can we?


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