arrowKey 'up' and 'down'

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Sun Apr 24 01:44:05 EDT 2016

Also, you might include “pass arrowKey” at the end of the script


On Apr 23, 2016, at 12:49 PM, RM <richmondmathewson at> wrote:

> Thanks for those recommendations; will try them tomorrow as it is almost my bedtime
> over here in Bulgaria.
> Richmond.
> On 23.04.2016 22:31, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 4/23/2016 1:00 PM, RM wrote:
>>> (pseudocode)
>>> on arrowKey ArKey
>>>  if ArKey = "right" then
>>>    move object in some way this line defines
>>>    send signal to object to initiate animation script within object
>>>  end if
>>> end arrowKey
>>> when I hit my right arrow key ONCE the object moves and then animates ONCE.
>>> HOWEVER, if I keep my finger on the right arrow key the movement
>>> repeats, but the multiple
>>> instances of the "send signal to object" scriptLine get "saved up" and
>>> fire at the point I take my finger
>>> off the arrow key;
>> The signals are added to a queue but don't get a chance to fire, presumably because the arrowkey message is happening repeatedly. Queued messages need some idle time before they'll execute.
>> This might work better if you add "without waiting" to the move command, allowing the handler to continue immediately, and then call the animation handler directly without using "send".
>>> How can I tell when an end-user ('punter') has stopped pressing an arrowKey?
>> Try rawKeyUp, but you may not need that if you change the move command.
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