Playing sound files

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Sun Apr 24 05:15:43 CEST 2016


I will throw in an  important use case here as we need LC to move forward to gain parity with the world of audio and video that runs in sync with

1) subtitling
2) full transcript
3) song lyrics

This requires a backend where subtitles/yrics/transcripts are timecoded “along the way” so to speak, so that as the narration (audio or video) progresses, the visual text elements (presentation varies, on screen… a field off to the right of the video etc.  below the player… 

So, whatever you do… make sure that we can support this on all platforms w/o quicktime

Been waiting “decades” …that’s an exaggeration.. Just 17 years… not decades. We might even be able to give SMIL a kick (he’s been asleep since 2008) and make it useful again.

Imagine this + sound


On 4/23/16, 9:34 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of panagiotis merakos" <use-livecode-bounces at on behalf of merakosp at> wrote:

>*>>>A related question: One thing I currently use when saving files as
>QuickTime is Fast Start (Prepare for Internet Streaming). This allows files
>to start playing before they are completely downloaded. Will the new
>Windows player support some kind of streaming format like this?*All I can
>say now is that implementing a Windows player is of higher priority than is
>was before, and we will give our best to make the new Windows player to
>provide the full functionality as before, without relying to QuickTime.

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