Arrays for lists with multiple lines where item 1 is the same on N number of lines

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Apr 23 13:41:50 EDT 2016

Mark Wieder wrote:

 > On 04/22/2016 08:24 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Fixing oddities in the language is good, and when it requires us
 >> to remove strange workarounds that should be a welcome exercise.
 > Uh oh. Careful, Richard <g>... I've been reprimanded several times
 > already for this, to the point where I no longer submit pull requests.

In that post I also wrote:

     Discussion with developers, such as this one and in the bug
     reports, to make sure the change is really the right thing
     to do.  Once in a while (though not often) seemingly odd
     behavior may actually make sense. Good to double-check.

I agree that anything that discourages community contributions should be 
very carefully reviewed.

But without knowing the details of those pull requests I can't have a 
useful opinion about the merits of including or not including it.

Were they discussed here, or the reason for the rejected requests made 
available in the bug DB or on Github?

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