Arrays for lists with multiple lines where item 1 is the same on N number of lines

Mark Waddingham mark at
Fri Apr 22 07:56:33 EDT 2016

On 2016-04-22 13:38, Kay C Lan wrote:
> I've just Flagged that reply. I should really print it off and mount it 
> on
> the wall - that's a very important list. I think I've fallen victim of
> every single one of those and it's always been a complete hassle to 
> track
> down because it only ever breaks things once in a blue moon when it's 
> also
> pancake Tuesday. To ensure advance hair loss, spend 99% of your time 
> with
> the itemDel set to tab so you can't even see if there's a delimiter 
> there
> or not!

I can empathise! A fair number of issues which have been raised over the 
years come down to one of those specific cases. It has taken quite a 
while to distill them down to that - mainly over the refactoring project 
and after a very lengthy forum thread on the subject of 'trailing 

The problem with fixing them is that in most cases people will have 
coded around them - and thus changing the behavior without some sort of 
compatibility mechanism would break a great many lines of script.

> And of course those problems don't just apply to lists, you can repeat
> those last 3 problems with lines (which I guess are just vertical 
> lists).
> In the msg box:

Yes - it applies to any 'delimited chunk'. A delimited chunk is a string 
which is composed of multiple string elements separated by a delimiter 
(whether that delimiter be comma, return, tab or something more esoteric 
- like "foo").

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