Language modules for Visual Studio Code

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Apr 20 23:00:54 EDT 2016

 I do a lot of server script editing directly via my FTP client… remote editing. I know yeah, some of you wizard have those scripts working via a stack that allows you to edit in the script editor… someday one of you will write a plug in for the rest of us… 

Till then, my eco system is FTP client open to the files (revIgniter), terminal open to the files, and cmd-E opens any of them in Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code auto complete is has some AI build in:

It looks up the tree for terms you have already used. I don’t think the engine can solve this…

E.g. If I set a  local variable on line 1  “tWizardsOfOz”

Later I start typing “tW…” and auto complete throws up “tWizardsofOz” as the top choice.  I had to blink twice when I saw that…awesome! and it auto senses all the LC terms, syntax etc in the document… so these also start popping up 

On c… “on command”

Rep  “repeat” 

Etc.  very cool

But I need the language module for folding and to colorize LC / RevIgniter “stuff"

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>2. "What? The script editor doesn't have auto-complete?"

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