Language modules for Visual Studio Code

Monte Goulding monte at
Thu Apr 21 00:18:17 CEST 2016

> There's money waiting to happen - two things I hear often from new users:
> 1. "What? Fields don't have formatting properties for currency,
>    dates, and such?”

This is the kind of thing that will probably be easy to do once someone works out how to do text entry in widgets.

> 2. "What? The script editor doesn't have auto-complete?"

It would certainly be an interesting project to work out how to do it. I think it would need to be engine level to be fast enough (probably also on a separate thread so it doesn’t bog things down) to determine all the symbols that an object script might see (engine level, LCB, object hierarchy including behaviors, globals). Then the engine would probably need more info than it currently has about syntax. Then there’s working out how to present syntax with lots of options (I struggled with that with that in atom). Lastly there’s repurposing the tabKey in the script editor which lots of people won’t like. Lots of interesting things to work out ;-)



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