Can't Display Keyboard Shortcuts in Popups

Ray ray at
Wed Apr 20 10:42:21 EDT 2016

I'm unable to popup a button as a contextual menu and show keyboard 
shortcuts.  For example, I'd like users to see "Audio  ctrl+A", not just 

The button's style is "menu" and the button's contents for that line is 
"Audio/A".  The "Audio   ctrl+A" displays fine as long as the button's 
"menuMode" is pulldown, but as soon as I use the popup command to pop 
the button up contextually, it's menuMode is changed to "popUp".  This 
loses the display of the keyboard shortcut.  I now only see "Audio" 
instead of the desired "Audio   ctrl+A".

Does anyone know how to keep keyboard shortcuts while using the popup 

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