Common Background Group Across Multiple Stacks

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Sun Apr 17 23:31:58 CEST 2016

If you don't mind nesting your navbar within a separate group, another
option is to have an empty group already assigned to all your cards --
when the navbar group is copied over to your stack, it will automatically
be available on all appropriate cards.


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>dochawk at> wrote:
>>I have a couple that delete if exists from the second stack, copies from
>>first to send, and then places on every card.
>>You could also have a custom property for cards indicating whether or not
>>it should be placed on them.
>This makes senseŠ so how do you do it.
>I¹m thinking this (pseudo code, yet to be tested)
>On preopenStack
>   # assume the main stack the trigger this is still open
>   # but on Mobile the new stack will take over the screen
>   # where 
>  Copy group ³bottomNavBar² of stack ³mainStackName" to card 1 of this
>Set the bottom of group ³BottomNavBar² of card 1 of this stack to the
>height of this stack
>Repeat with x - 2 to the number of cards of this stack
>   If the uHasBottomNav of card x of this stack = ³true² then
>      Place group ³bottomNavBar² onto card x of this stack
>End if
>End preopenstack
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