Anyone have any LiveCode hooks to WordPress? And, are you following these Word Camp events

Marty Knapp martyknappster at
Fri Apr 15 12:08:10 EDT 2016

I'm very excited about what you're cooking up!

Best regards,
Marty Knapp

> Good News for WP to LiveCode linking. We have completed an App that allows
> you to control most WP function from LiveCode using the REST API.
> It addiction we have a complete and detailed wrap of the WOO Commerce REST
> API. It has taken us six months to get this right and well tested.
> We will setup a sample website and create a simple App to demo the
> functionality in the next week or two. I will talk to Steven about writing
> an article that explains then entire functionality and process. We are
> creating them as script only stacks that can be easily imported into any
> project or on LC Server.
> We have been talking to Richard about opening them to the community as open
> source. We just wanted to make sure the code is solid before releasing
> everything. Woo is finished, we are just dealing with the WP REST API now.
> We are using HTTPS, as Woo requires, so we also have an example of OAuth
> 2.0 in LiveCode if anyone is interested. Narek is finishing the project in
> the next few days and we will setup a sample server to the public to test
> on, but please be kind to follow coders be not killing the DB with 20,000
> records or posting nasty stuff.
> Best,
> Todd Fabacher
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