troubleshooting e-mail sent from a server by script

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Fri Apr 15 17:38:27 CEST 2016

I have been fighting this and am winning but it requires constant attention.

A few thing I learned:
1) Put "Mailfrom:MyEmail at"(where is the URL of the
source server of the emails) in the header. This will connect the email back
to the server regardless of the "From:" in the header. The user does not see
the "Mailfrom:" unless they are examining the header. In fact the "From:"
can be from any email so you can send out email on behalf of your clients.
2) The " Mailfrom:" account on the server will receive the rejected emails
by blacklists and spam filters. You can then review them and contact the
appropriate entities. I just got a new rejection from the
other day. They said I was spamming. I keep logs so I saw that my IP did not
ever send an email to them. I just got this IP last month after the diesel
server move. The rejected email had a link. I went to that link and was able
to explain to them that it was not me and I just became the owner of this IP
and they removed me from their internal blacklist.
3) Put "Message-Id: <"&uuid()&"> in the header.
4) Put "Date:" && the internet date" in the header.
5) Make all embedded links https. This includes both clickable links and
6) If the email is HTML then also include a text only version in a separate
7) Return the result of the "sendmail" call from the server side script back
to the client or log it somewhere. This can contain some useful information.

By doing items above I have got my spam score to a -.3 on a scale of +10 =
spam. Before I did these I had a spam score of 15 - 20 and went below zero
after these changes.

If you would like to see my server side script let me know.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at

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Subject: troubleshooting e-mail sent from a server by script

I've done a project for a client that involves customers filling out a form
on a web page, which triggers a script that 1) writes their information to a
log file on the server, and 2) sends out confirmation e-mails to the
customer and client.

It's been working well for quite a while, but every now and then the e-mails
aren't received - about one in 10 or 20, according to the client. When I
test, everything seems fine.

Any ideas on what could cause this, or how to troubleshoot it? The host is
Jaguar PC, and we're using an old version of the Linux engine.


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