errorDialog broken?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Apr 14 12:06:01 EDT 2016

Mark Waddingham wrote:

 > The IDE engine itself doesn't have any special handling for errors
 > (relative to the standalone engine) - however, the IDE must be doing
 > something *somewhere* as the part of the engine which implements the
 > engine-side part of the debugger is distinct from the part which
 > dispatches the errorDialog message (as far as I can see anyway).

I also would have thought this was handled solely in the IDE, but if so 
how could the executionContexts not show any IDE handling until the 
errorDialog arrives at that one particular IDE script.

IIRC revbackscriptlibrary isn't ancient, probably circa v4 or so when 
the other major IDE changes came about.  It certainly wasn't in v1 or 
v2, and of course wasn't in the MetaCard IDE, which I was using until 
about LC v4.

 > My general feeling is that the errorDialog message should not be
 > affected by Script Debug Mode.


 > Ideally, the debugger would kick in when an error is thrown (allowing
 > you to see the context of the error) and then when you click
 > 'Continue' it should then still propagate an errorDialog message.

Yes, that would seem the most useful behavior, allowing both IDE 
intervention for debugging while also triggering scripts the developer 
put into place.

Should I add your ideal option to the bug report notes?  Given how long 
this has been working as it does I don't imagine changing it will be 
essential for v8.0, but it would seem helpful to capture your good 
thinking on this for when there's time to work on it.

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